Mouse. Mouse wheel (optional) for convenience on some puzzles.


A puzzle game, lateral-thinking.
Its riddles may drive you to drinking.
The keys to all locks
Are "outside the box",
She says, while suspiciously winking.

I know getting stuck makes you wince
So that's why I made in-game hints.
Spoilered and stuck
Both mightily suck
So that's what this (likely) prevents.

Content warnings:
No violence, the peril of being trapped in a cave (but not a tight, enclosed cave), no nudity, no sexual content, no drug or alcohol use, no jumpscares, 2 occurrences of profanity, both grawlixed (e.g. "Holy $#?@!"), mild references to Buddhism and John Denver.

Known issues: 

  • Won't load on some mobile devices, but there's no touchscreen support anyway.
  • Text scales poorly when embedded/windowed. Workaround: fullscreen.



You can view, download, and use all Compass Rose's assets for free! Here are the links:


Here are all the art assets used in Compass Rose. The source material I used/remixed is:

  • Cave walls: Buch
  • Cave floor: Daniel Cook's 2d Circle Graphic Archive, Jetrel's mockups resized 32x32, Bertram's improvements, and Zabin's modification and additions
  • Grass: Pavel Catalin of MrCraft Animation
  • Compass rose: prushik


  • Main Font: Mania, recreated by SpeedySpikes as a remake of the font used in the Sonic Mania leaderboards
  • South Puzzle Font: Modern Sans Serif 7 by Style Seven
  • Logo Font: 04b_25 by Yuji Oshimoto



 Thanks for generously sharing your work!


Compass Rose v1.0.4 Win32 (compatibility).zip 15 MB
Compass Rose v1.0.4 18 MB

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Nice variety of puzzles, I really like this!


Very nice, I like the execution as well. These puzzles are over my head right now, I will come back, want to finish them without using hints. Seems tough though. Actually found this through your comment on x)


Had much fun plaiying, west puzzle tripped me up for quite a while. Kinda regret having used this many hints :D


west puzzle is absolutely genius - if you're feeling frustrated, be patient and trust that it's very elegant and worth your time.