Surprise! v0.6.1 released!

An intrepid tester found a critical bug in the south puzzle, and I couldn't leave it unpatched. So despite everything I said in the last post, it's better to update to a version that will leave you hanging than a version with a critical bug! Enjoy!

v0.6.1 changelog

* fix bug in final puzzle of southern path (thanks for catching that, Dru!)
* tweaks to final puzzle of southern path: add commas, "needful" to "essential", "strange" to "syntax", "root" to "boost"
* move southern path doors eastward a bit, so the WebGL exit fullscreen button isn't in the way
* widen clickable area for non-door exits
* decrease volume of *swoosh*

v0.6.2 changelog

* make late title card sound more audible (still sounds too Undertale though)


Compass Rose v0.6.1 17 MB
Dec 20, 2018

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