v0.9 - new intro

v0.9 features a new introduction, which serves three purposes:

  1. To teach you the controls while sticking to the vow of silence (no more tutorial text!)
  2. To establish the scene and context of where you are, what escape would look like, and roughly which direction it would be in
  3. To introduce you to Rose


  • Improve west puzzle based on playtester feedback
  • Improve hints based on playtester feedback
  • Remove quit button on WebGL

EDIT: v0.9.1 adds:

  • make the next hint button more obvious that it's a clickable button
  • don't show "next page" dialogue box icon when there's no next page
  • right click now acts like mousewheel down

That's it for this version - Enjoy!

Counting down the last few revisions until v1.0! The to-do list is getting short! Here are some highlights of what's coming soon:

  • hide the down triangle when there's no next page
  • make the hintbox hint button clear that it's a clickable button
  • make right click be like mousewheel down
  • open-source sound and art assets, finish the credits
  • decide what to do about Rose's face - it doesn't make sense as an icon now that Rose herself does not appear visibly in the game
  • a handful of minor tweaks
  • ...and a surprise (:


Compass Rose v0.9 WebGL.zip 7 MB
Mar 14, 2019
Compass Rose v0.9 Win64.zip 17 MB
Mar 14, 2019

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