Compass Rose released!

Compass Rose is a lateral-thinking puzzle game with in-game hints.

It's free, so please share with anyone who enjoys rethinking everything they know! (:


A puzzle game, lateral-thinking.
Its riddles may drive you to drinking.
The keys to all locks
Are "outside the box",
She says, while suspiciously winking.

I know getting stuck makes you wince
So that's why I made in-game hints.
Spoilered and stuck
Both mightily suck
So that's what this (likely) prevents.

Content warnings:
No violence, the peril of being trapped in a cave (but not a tight, enclosed cave), no nudity, no sexual content, no drug or alcohol use, 2 occurrences of profanity, both grawlixed (e.g. "Holy $#?@!"), mild references to Buddhism and John Denver.

Changelog from previous version:

  • new logo/icon
  • bigger in-game cursor
  • make text sharp instead of blurry. Unfortunately, this makes it look worse when scaled down, but now it looks fantastic fullscreen.
  • decrease file size, speed up load time
  • fix mute bug (thanks, minotalen!)
  • make east branch numbers bigger

And that's a wrap! This will likely be the final version, unless anyone finds a major bug.

I plerked (play+worked) on Compass Rose for about 9 months during evenings and weekends. I had a ton of fun creating it, and I hope you enjoy playing it, too!



Compass Rose v1.0.4 18 MB
Apr 06, 2019
Compass Rose v1.0.4 Play in browser
Apr 03, 2019

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