Youhou 01: Ethereal Piracy, Breezless Sea

NOTE: Does not work via itch client, please play online.

Ethereal Piracy, Breezeless Sea is a bullet hell game where you can’t move.

You are a mariner, set adrift on the open sea after your crew mutinied off the coast of the New World. Construct a raft from flotsam and survive the relentless* attacks of ghost pirates!

How do you do that?


Protect the Helm

Made by these awesome people for GMTKjam 2018:

  • June B - programmed many bullets
  • Pace Smith - programmed a few additional bullets, just for good measure
  • chloe "tvwolfsnake" spears - music and sound effects
  • vilinder - the graphics guy

*Actually, they relent after 120 seconds. Ye can do it!

AuthorsPace, chloe spears, June B, BlizzieM
Made withUnity
TagsBullet Hell
Average sessionA few minutes


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I want to win, but it's too arrrrrd :'(


Q: Why is the name of this game so strange?

A: Because we think we're funny.