v0.6 complete! ...but not released. Here's what you're missing!

v0.6 changelog:

* intro sequence
* late title card!
* preclude a superstition in south puzzle 4d
* improve south puzzle font to fix 2 readability issues (cl/d, a/o)
* move east puzzle inputs to left
* edit final room of north puzzle
* 2 out of 3 puzzles now have things at the end

Intro Sequence

In the spirit of "Show, don't tell" the intro limerick has been replaced by a playable intro sequence in which Rose is exploring a cave and falls down a pit.

In an homage to Zelda 2, I tried to recreate the Link falling effect from memory without rewatching it. Note to myself: learn how to make animated gifs.

As part of the intro sequence, Rose now has dialogue!

I decided to grawlix the profanity because some people care about that sort of thing, and it would be a shame for them to be unable to enjoy the game because of it.

Some of the advice has been replaced with Rose dialogue, and I'm considering having Rose be able to meditate as a way to access in-game hints.

Implement tester feedback

I made several tweaks to the puzzles to prevent players from going down fruitless lines of reasoning. Most were based on actual testers going down actual fruitless lines of reasoning, and a couple were preemptive strikes. I won't share the details because spoilers. Thanks to all my testers, especially Lancer, Tanya, and Claire! <3

Things at the end of branches

Previously, completing a branch of puzzles would give you a little congratulatory message. Now, you get the actual thing that's supposed to be there.

Why I'm not releasing this version

It feels incomplete without the final puzzle implemented, so I'm just going to keep pushing forward until the final puzzle is ready. I already know what I'm doing for the final puzzle, I just have to implement it. I'm going on vacation so it probably won't be until January, so hopefully these teasers will hold you over.

Happy holidays and pleasant puzzling!



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